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Wave Estate Vilas

About This Project

Presenting Limited Edition Lifestyle Villas

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Standing as testimony to thoughtful spaces combined with grandeur, the villas at Wave Estate have been created to take luxury living to a new level of class and elegance.

As demand for residential property in Mohali grows, Wave Estate offers a lavish lifestyle with its selection of extraordinary villas as available in size ranges of 250, 300, 350 & 500 sq. yards. These luxurious villas offer the impeccable combination of extravagant space and tasteful design and echo the perfect balance between a contemporary lifestyle and an ethnic style of traditional homes. Each property houses a private, landscaped courtyard at its centre and a roof terrace and hosts large, spacious rooms ranging from formal areas to dining areas and kitchens, to family lounges. Suffices to say, for anyone looking for residential property in Mohali, these idyllic villas are the epitome of extravagant and comfortable living.

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